Sunday, August 7, 2016

Weigh in day!

Well this is what happens when I don't stick to plan!

Today's weigh in I'm up point .8

That will be off this week.

My goals this week are to get 10,000 steps in everyday and blog everyday.

Went for a 50 minute walk this morning
Also did a lot of cleaning and laundry! It all adds up to extra movement :)

This chubby squirrel was watching me BBQ

Breakfast: 2 eggs, polenta, tomato and 1 president's choice original breakfast sausage 1sp Simply Filling + 1sp

Lunch: Not hungry so I grabbed a small peach, banana, light yogurt and some Ezekiel original cereal for crunch! Simply Filling

Dinner: Lean steak, baked potato with Greek seasoning, salad with olive oil, vinegar and Greek seasoning Simply Filling

Other: ff cream for coffee, 1 cup of grapes Simply Filling
As of 7pm

Water: 8 cups of water
Steps: 12,747
Exercise:50 minute walk and housework
Fitpoints earned: 14
Fitpoints balance: 14

Fit bit stats:

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