Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tired today

I didn't get as much sleep last night as I usually do and I definitely feel it!

It didn't affect how much I accomplished today but I was definitely feeling tired all day. Hope I sleep better tonight.

Went for a beautiful walk this morning. Walked for 65 minutes.

Also went on a bike ride before dinner!

Breakfast: 2 egg omelet, slice of ff cheese, polenta and peppers sauteed in olive oil and a peach Simply Filling

Lunch: Corn tortilla with veggies, black beans, light cheese 1sp and salsa, watermelon and light yogurt Simply Filling +1sp

Dinner: pork loin chop, roasted potatoes, sauteed apple and cinnamon, salad and ff Italian dressing Simply Filling

Other: ff cream for coffee

So far today.....

Water: 8 cups
Steps: 16,739
Fit points earned: 17
Fit points balance: 43
Exercise: 25 minute bike ride, 65 minutes of walking plus a lot of short walks :)

Fitbit stats:

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