Sunday, August 14, 2016

Not such a great week and weigh in!

Well this past week wasn't the best as you can probably guess from my absence.

First it was so hot and humid that I literally had sweat dripping down my face every day. I don't do well when it's that humid. We have 2 air conditioners one in the bedroom and one in the living room and that's where I stay when it's that hot. I also didn't make the greatest food choices as I didn't want to cook or do much of anything.

I didn't get out on many walks.

I weighed in this morning for a loss of point .6 and I'm o.k with that as it could have been worse.

This morning I purposely woke up earlier and went out on a 70 minute walk!! I also went on a bike ride to a store. Biked for 55 minutes :)

Breakfast: Ginger peach pancakes with sugar free syrup and a dob of Greek yogurt. I used Greek yogurt instead of cottage cheese because I didn't have any today. Worked out great! Here's the recipe: oatmeal pancakes Simply Filling

Lunch: extra lean turkey, raw veggies, light yogurt and an apple simply filling

Dinner: extra lean ham, corn on the cob, salad, olive oil, vinegar and spices simply filling

Other: ff cream for coffee, glass of red wine 5sp

Water: 8 cups
Steps: 14,808
Fitpoints earned: 16
Fitpoints balance: 16

Fitbit stats:

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