Monday, August 22, 2016


Such an original title :)

Another regular workday. The weather is finally beginning to cool down, I can't wait to go on a walk tomorrow. I'm giving my legs a bit of a break but still getting over 10,000 steps in at work.

I always say find out what works best for you. Well I've finally figured out that on days I work the afternoon shift I have a late breakfast which is very filling and then at work my break is early so I have an early dinner. Works out great and I'm not tempted by doughnuts.

Brunch: Brownie waffle with 12 grams of walnuts and sugar free syrup Simply Filling +2sp

At work: Chicken drumsticks 4sp, raw veggies, grapes and light yogurt Simply Filling +4sp

Other: ff cream for coffee

Water: 8 cups
Steps: 13,035
Fitpoints earned: 13
Fit points balance: 26

Fitbit stats:

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