Friday, August 19, 2016

Kicking it up a notch!

Wow today was such a busy and active day!

Got up super early so I could ride my bike over to the office that I volunteer with.

Then got on a bus with the walking group to go to for a ride to a lovely walking trail. Walked on the trail for 6 km then back on the bus to the office and I rode my bike home!!

Altogether I walked for over 80 minutes and rode my bike for 65 minutes. Whew

Got home took a quick shower, because believe you me I was sweaty, and made a quick lunch before relaxing for a bit till it was time to babysit Lucas. He get's bigger every time I see him and I see him!

This time he made me share my spaghetti :)  He also loves avocado
When Lucas went to bed the rest of us relaxed!

Breakfast: Something nice and filling to keep me satisfied till lunchtime! Peaches and cream oatmeal: 1/2c oats cooked, 1 peach, 1 tbsp fat free cream, 1/4c liquid egg whites that I stir in just when the oatmeal is ready and stir stir stir and it's becomes bigger and creamier plus you have protein! Simply Filling

Lunch: 2 corn tortillas, lettuce, cilantro, light cheese 1sp, salsa, chipotles and black beans, cucumber and tomato and a banana and light yogurt Simply filling + 1sp

Dinner: I took whole wheat pasta and spaghetti sauce, 1 tbsp light parmesan cheese plus grapes not shown with me while I babysat! Simply Filling +1sp

Other: ff cream for coffee

Water: 10 cups
Steps: 19,124
Fit points earned: 20
Fit points balance: 96
Exercise: 80 min walk and 65 min bike ride

Fitbit stats:

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