Monday, August 8, 2016

Choices add up!

Every time you make a choice, even an easy choice, it all adds up. Every time you take the stairs instead of the elevator or say no to the extra butter it adds up.

Every time you say no to something you know will trigger over eating it gets easier to say no next time.

So make good choices and it will add up to a great day!!

This morning I purposely woke up earlier than usual because I wanted some time to do a couple of things around the house before I needed to go to a meeting. Oh and speaking of meeting instead of taking the bus there I grabbed my bike and ended up biking for a total of 65 minutes!!

I made the chocolate banana mini breakfast cookies yesterday so they were all ready for me this morning and the two I didn't eat are in the freezer for another day. Making it easy to choose something healthy and quick. This is just my regular recipe but divided into 4 small "cookies" Simply Filling

Keeping the dishes cleaned and put away makes it easy for me to find a certain dish that I want to use. It also makes for extra room in the kitchen for meal preparation.

What choices did you make/are making today??

Breakfast: 1 egg, 2 egg whites omelet, 1 slice Pillers smoked breakfast ham slice, 2 mini chocolate banana breakfast cookies and a peach Simply Filling

Lunch: home made corn tortillas, veggies, light cheese, lean ham, grapes and cucumber SF+1sp

Dinner: Shepherd's pie! Simply Filling

Other: fat free cream for coffee, peach and a glass of white wine 5sp

water: 12 cups
steps: 10,019
fit points earned:11
fit points balance:26

Fitbit stats:

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