Thursday, August 18, 2016

A beautiful day in many ways!

It was a beautiful day today!
Not too hot and a nice breeze so off I went on a walk :)

Also went on the bike ride with Ralph this afternoon.

Oh and I got a new badge from my fitbit!

I made a spaghetti meat sauce and whole wheat pasta so that Ralph could have it for dinner tomorrow and I will take it with me for dinner.

Tomorrow is going to be a crazy day!
First I'm getting up super early so I can meet up with a walking group to take a bus to a trail for a hike! Of course I have to bike to the bus and bike home :)

Then I come home for a while to recuperate then it's off on a bus to Jen's to babysit my favorite little munchkin <3 Jen and Martin are going on a dinner/movie date!

Breakfast: 2 eggs, kale, olive oil, grapefruit, toast with Smuckers sugar free spread Simply Filling

Lunch: raw veggies, extra lean ham, I frozen banana, ezekiel original cereal, 1/2 tbsp light peanut butter 1sp and 8 grams sugar free stevia sweetened chocolate melted 1sp Simply Filling + 2sp

Dinner: Lean steak with mushrooms cooked in olive oil and light soy sauce, Caesar salad with ff Caesar dressing/olive oil/anchovy/garlic :) light parmesan cheese 1sp, real bacon bits 1sp
Dessert: light yogurt, peach and 1 mini ginger snap 1sp
Simply Filling +3sp

Other: fat free cream for coffee

Water: 8 cups
Steps: 15,602
Fit points earned: 16
Fit points bal: 75
Exercise: 60 minutes of biking and a 50 minute walk

Fit bit stats:

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