Sunday, July 31, 2016

Weigh in day

Finally I slept in a bit today and it sure felt good. I woke up feeling refreshed.

First thing I do after hitting the bathroom is to jump on the scale and I was very please to see a - .8 yep point 8 and I'm happy. It's going in the ride direction.

Had a bit of running around to do this morning and made it part of a walk. Got to get those steps in as my goal is to get 10,000 steps a day in.

Oh and I found these at the dollar tree today!

After a light lunch Ralph and I were off on our bikes to the mall. Not as hot today so it was a very pleasant ride.

Honestly had to work hard to get my 8 cups of water in today but I did it.

Breakfast: Egg in the hole, cantaloupe, light yogurt and just a dab of sf jam on the middle of the toast Simply Filling

Lunch: cucumber rounds with ff cream cheese mixed with dill/garlic/sea salt/jalepeno peppers, cherry tomatoes, extra light turkey breast, berries and light yogurt Simply Filling

Dinner: bbq'd pork loin chop, mushrooms/green peppers/onion, baked potato with 2 tsp light marg 1sp and fresh peaches Simply Filling +1sp

Other: fat free cream for coffee

Water: 8 cups

Exercise: 47 minute walk and a total of 46 minutes of biking

Fit points earned: 14
Fit points balance: 14

Fitbit stats:

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