Monday, July 18, 2016

Today I went walking and biking!

Started today with another walk! 70 minutes today

After lunch I got on the bike for a ride to meet up with some friends. Ended up with 45 minutes of biking

Breakfast: 1 egg, 2 egg whites scrambled, kale, tomatoes, mushrooms, 1 tsp oil, hot sauce and berries Simply Filling

Lunch: Salad, watermelon, ff dressing, blue cheese crumbles, leftover beef tenderloin Simply Filling +1sp

Dinner: Chicken burger, Toufayan smart pocket whole wheat which I count as SF, zoodles, olive oil, strawberries and ff Greek yogurt Simply Filing

Other: ff cream for coffee, glass of red wine Simply Filling +5sp

At 6:45 pm

Water: 12 cups
Exercise: 70 minute walk, 45 minute bike ride
Steps: 15,464
Fit points earned: 23
Fit points balance: 36
10 counter push ups and 10 squats: Done before my first coffee!

Fitbit stats:

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