Thursday, July 28, 2016

A workday!

Set the alarm this morning so that I could get some cleaning done before I needed to get ready for work.

Nothing exciting at work except that I got to go home early :) Oh and a storm was starting as I left so I got a bit wet before I reached home.

Late Breakfast: BLT wraps with lettuce, Pillers smoked breakfast ham slices, Kraft ff whipped mayo, ff cheese slice, tomato slices and grapefruit on the side Simply Filling

At work: shrimp, cocktail sauce, baked corn tortilla chips, berries and yogurt Simply Filling

Other: ff cream for coffee
Water:8 cups
Fit points earned: 10
Fit points balance: 55

Fitbit stats: I had to walk around the living room a couple of times to hit my goal 

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