Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Lots of temptation today!

At work today it was Camp Day where we raise money to send kids to camp!
Our store has a bake sale every year. Well there were amazing desserts brought in to sell. I donate rather than bake as I can't be trusted around sugar :) I'm proud to say I didn't eat one crumb!

This weeks goals:

1. blog every day - check!
2. drink at least 8 cups of water - 12

Breakfast: 1 egg, 2 egg whites, tomatoes, olive oil, 1 oatmeal cornmeal pancake, berries and 1/2 tbsp sf pancake syrup 0sp Simply Filling + 0sp

Lunch: mini lettuce wrapped salmon salad, veggies, pear and plain Greek yogurt Simply Filling

Dinner: sandwich with extra lean ham, ff cheese slice, lettuce and ff mayo, apple and veggies Simply Filling

Other: fat free cream for coffee and a glass of wine after work 5sp

Fitbit stats: I didn't go for a walk before work this morning as I was really tired after getting over 17,000 steps yesterday!! I did get caught up with my dishes before work though :)

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