Sunday, May 22, 2016

Moving right along

I had an issue today with someone in one of my groups. They were upset that I don't list which of my foods are Canadian and that I should put that I'm in Canada in all my posts.
Well I'm sorry but I already spend a lot of time online and I'm sorry but we don't have some of the variety of products here and we choose the best that we can.
I ended up blocking her as I just don't need the negativity in my life and we had words before.
I have no problem with anyone asking me questions and I do my best to answer but please respect my choices.

Now onto my great day!

This morning Ralph and I went shopping then came home and rode our bikes to and from another mall. All in all I rode for 45 minutes.

Bought some amazing herbal teas from Davids Tea to make my iced teas which I've been loving lately. Today I bought pineapple mimosa, sangria and raspberry mojito.

Came home and started the bbq for a fantastic dinner.

Breakfast: 1 egg, 2 egg whites, Piller's smoked breakfast ham, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, mixed berries, slice of Ezekiel bread Simply Filling


Dinner: bbq'd chicken, baked potato, 2 tsp becel pro active margarine 1sp, ff sour cream, salad and 1 tbsp ff Italian dressing 0sp Simply Filling +1sp

Other: ff cream for coffee, glass of red wine 5sp

Fitbit stats: this was from yesterday!

So far today and it will be at 10,000 by the time I go to bed :)

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