Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spring can come any time!

Woke up this morning to record breaking cold temperatures! Thank goodness it was sunny because at least some of the snow melted.

Fitbit has a new feature this week and it's that they track during 9 hours how many hours you have 250 or more steps! Yesterday I missed a couple of hours and today I hit it every hour.

Today I went to visit Jen and Lucas. He is growing so quickly I try to see him every week just to make sure I don't miss too much :)

Breakfast: Bob's red mill mighty tasty hot cereal with some mixed fruit and 1 tbsp ff cream 4sp

Lunch: Taco salad boats with raw veggies and an apple 4sp

Dinner: 1 egg, 2 egg whites, 4 oz potato, 2 Lilydale turkey sausages, 2 tsp olive oil, kale and yogurt 12 sp

Other: kefir, banana, ff cream for coffees and a glass of red wine 9sp

Total sp used: 29/30
Weekly sp used: 0/28
Fit points earned: 6 so far
Fit points balance: 22 so far

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