Friday, April 1, 2016

Day 4 of my Smart points experiment

As most of you know I'm a supervisor at a coffee/donut shop! It's really important that I take my own food or the temptation would be too hard.

Finding out what actions will help us to stay on plan is very important.

The other action that helps me stay strong at work is to take water. Drinking water helps to keep me satisfied and able to steer clear of the sugar filled drinks.

Breakfast: I made my Giant chocolate banana cookie but instead made 4 small ones and only had 2.
1 egg, 2 egg whites scrambled with a little chipotle powder on top, mushrooms, tomatoes and olive oil 8sp

Lunch: Amy's bean and vegetable burrito, clementine 9sp

At work: lettuce leaves for wraps, julienned veggies, extra lean ham, mayo, yogurt 5sp

Other: kefir, ff cream for coffees, green tea latte 7sp

Total daily sp used: 29/30
Total weekly sp used: 0/28
Fit points earned: 9
Fit points balance: 46

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