Saturday, March 19, 2016

Crazy people!

Last night on my way home we were almost run down again!! People need to go back to drivers ed.

It was also a crazy day at work. Stove wasn't working and the dishwasher quit on me so I had to wash everything by hand. Ugh

Anyway today will be a better day because I say so :)

I'm doing an experiment for the next week. I'm going to count smart points and see what if any difference there is. I think because I basically eat unprocessed foods that it won't make a big difference but we'll see.

I woke up late so decided to have brunch instead of just breakfast:

2 eggs, extra lean ham, 2 mini gingerbread muffins and salad 9sp

New recipe!
Mini gingerbread muffins

Coffee, cream and sweetener for the day: 3sp

Taking to work: shrimp, raw veggies, 1 Tbsp dressing to dip and regular cheese 7sp

At work: unsweetened non fat Chai tea latte 3sp

Other: 1/4c kefir, glass of red wine 6sp

So today I used 28 out of 30 daily smart points
I used none of my 28 weeklies

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