Monday, January 11, 2016

Winter is back with a vengeance

It was so cold when I went out today! So much for rain now I have to watch out for ice.

This morning I had a meeting followed by visiting with Jen and Lucas. He's getting so big and such a cuddle bug :) I also took Bubba out for a walk.

Breakfast: flatout with an egg, cream cheese, smoked trout and some orange slices Simply Filling +2sp forgot to take a picture until I'd almost finished it :)

Lunch on the go: veggies, lean ham, apple and yogurt Simply Filling

Dinner: leftover chili, salad with olive oil balsamic vinegar Simply Filling

Other: glass of red wine 5sp

Water: 9 cups so far
Weekly points: 22-7=15
Fit points: 11+11=22
Steps: 10,415 so far
Fitbit stats:


MaryFran said...

Be careful with the ice!!! I saw some ice in one spot where water stands in an alley, but for the most part I was ice free on my run this morning....but dang, was it ever cold!!!!

Suzanne said...

It was super cold yesterday but today is milder but we had a big dump of snow! Wore my snow boots today for sure.