Sunday, January 24, 2016

Such a beautiful morning

It's Sunday which is always the day I wish I stayed in my pj's all day with unlimited coffee and food :)

Reality is a different thing! I woke up a little early so that I could go on an hours walk before the hubs woke up. Absolutely gorgeous day.

Today's goal is to not eat after dinner tonight. I normally don't but lately I've been grabbing a couple of clementines or a banana etc and it's not that I have something again snacking I don't but I'm doing it when I'm not really hungry.

Breakfast: cornmeal quick oats pancakes with sf syrup and blackberries Simply Filling +1sp

Lunch: veggies, lean ham, clementines and yogurt Simply Filling

Dinner: spaghetti and meatballs with whole wheat pasta, 1 tbsp light parmesan cheese and some spring mix with 1 tsp olive oil Simply Filling +1sp

Other: glass of red wine 5sp

Water: 9 cups
Weekly pts: 28-7=21
Fit points: 12
Exercise: 1 hour walk


Anonymous said...

You always amaze me!
Kim B.

Lois said...