Friday, January 22, 2016

Strange winter

Sorry I had some family issues to deal with this week.

This year is the strangest winter I've ever seen. It's lots of snow, bitter cold, warm enough to be the fall and then rain. Wow

Today was another work day. Another crazy day at work.

Breakfast: Baked blueberry almond oatmeal Simply filling + 1sp

Lunch:  light chicken noodle soup, slice of toast and butter Simply Filling + 1sp

At work: turkey, veggies, yogurt and blueberries Simply Filling 0sp

Other: apple, wine Simply Filling + 5sp

Water: 9 cups
Steps: 10, 769
Weekly pts: 14-7=7
Fit points: 42+11=53
Fitbit stats:


jen said...

Loving all the Simply Filling idea's..

MaryFran said...

Hopefully your family issues are all cleared up satisfactorily!!!!!

Suzanne said...

Yes all is good!