Monday, January 25, 2016

Off to the library

I've always loved reading and I've always loved the library. I had a book to return today plus one to pick up. Ralph and I walked to and from the library which gave me a 45 minute walk today.

Not cold, no snow, just a beautiful day for a walk.

I make my goals the night before :) Today's goals were to get at least a 45 minute walk and to do some downward dogs into planks! Great stretch

Breakfast: mini breakfast quiche which today I made with green pepper, onion and 1/2 oz light cheese, grapefruit and yogurt Simply Filling +1sp

Lunch: 1/2 grilled cheese sandwich made with a ff cheese slice, homemade coleslaw, clementines and light tomato soup Simply Filling

Dinner: romaine lettuce leaves, leftover meatballs, kraft calorie wise bbq sauce, salad, light Caesar salad dressing, home made croutons, 1 tbsp light parmesan, 1 tsp olive oil Simply Filling +3sp

Other: glass of wine 5sp

Water: 8 cups
Weekly pts: 21-10=11
Fit points: 12+10=22
Steps: 10,312

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