Sunday, January 17, 2016

No excuses today!

First I woke up a bit late today which meant breakfast was later and there really wasn't time to get out on a walk. At least not where I usually do. It would have been easy to just use the Sunday is a day to relax but I know I sleep better and stick to my eating plan better when I get some form of walking in.

Ralph wanted to take a bus to the mall today and look around which we love to do. Yes I get some walking there but not like I usually do, so I sent Ralph home on the bus and walked home!

I'm so glad I wore my Yak Trax on my boots as there was a lot of ice. Please be careful if there's ice where you are as it's so easy to fall.

Breakfast: 2 eggs, extra lean bacon, kale, tomatoes, slice of Ezekiel toast and butter Simply Filling +2sp

Lunch: cucumber, tomatoes, turkey breast and cherries Simply Filling 0sp

Dinner: one pot chicken lo mein Simply Filling 0sp I tweaked the recipe quite a bit but I had the inspiration from this recipe I made it in my electric pressure cooker

Other: glass of wine, berries simply filling +5sp

Water: I've had 6 so far and will drink another 2 before I go to bed
Weekly points: 28-7=21
Fit points:13
Exercise: 72 minute walk

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jen said...

Found your blog today…thanks for the inspiration.