Monday, January 4, 2016

House walking!

Even colder here today! Brrrrrrr
I did get all bundled up and walked to a store that carries flat outs and the library which had a book in for me :) I survived!

In order to get my 10,000 steps today I had to do a bit of house walking but I got it done!

Monday January 4, 2016

Breakfast: baked pumpkin cranberry oatmeal Simply Filling 0sp

Lunch: Healthy request curried lentil and cauliflower soup, corn bread muffin and an apple Simply Filling + 0sp

Dinner: stir-fry chicken, broccoli, brown rice, tomato, green onion and olive oil Simply Filling 0sp

Other: fat free keifer, sugar snap peas and dip made with plain Greek yogurt, glass of wine Simply Filling 5sp
Funny but I was thinking about having some fiber one cereal and skim milk which are both included for simply filling but I stopped and realized that although I "could" have it I really wasn't hungry. It's always good to stop and think things through.

Water: 8 cups

Weekly smart points: 20-5=15
Fit Points earned: 12+10=22
Fit Points used: 0 
Exercise: walked for about an hour


Sharon said...

I had my first weigh in at WW today since joining on the 29th December. We cal it Filling And Healthy over here in Australia rather than Simply filling. I much prefer to do Filling And Healthy rather than count SP.

Suzanne said...

For sure!