Saturday, January 23, 2016

Gone for a walk

While we didn't get the huge snow storm here it is bitterly cold today.

I'm enjoying making daily goals for myself! Thursday and Friday were to not buy or eat anything at work and I didn't touch a bite :)

My goal for today was to walk for at least 45 minutes. I actually walked for 70 minutes :)

Breakfast: egg, extra lean bacon, kale and grapefruit Simply Filling +1sp

Lunch: salad, croutons made from ezekiel bread, ff Italian dressing  and 30g light cheese Simply Filling +3sp

Dinner: pork and I blended fiber one cereal to make the coating, 2 tsp olive oil, green beans, potato and unsweetened apple sauce Simply Filling 0sp

Other: glass of red wine 5sp

Water: 7 cups so far but I plan on drinking 2 more before the night is over
Weekly pts: 7-9=-2
Fit points: 43+12=65
Fit points used: 65-2=63
Exercise: 70 minute walk
Steps: 12,382
Fitbit stats:

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MaryFran said...

I love the mini goals! And kudos for not touching a bite of food at your work on the days that was your goal!!!