Friday, January 15, 2016

A busy day!

This morning I woke up early because I needed to do a major grocery haul before I went to work. Finally the fridge is full :)

I'm also going to go to the farmers tomorrow for more fruit and veggies.

Today's shift at work was crazy! It was very busy, I had new staff and our power went out. The fitbit shows the stats :)

Breakfast: 2 eggs, crumpet, sf pumpkin butter, peameal bacon, olive oil and kale Simply Filling +3sp
Lunch: ff vanilla Greek yogurt, blueberries and fiber one cereal Simply Filling

At work: flat out roll up with turkey breast, ff cheese slice, veggies and clementines Simply Filling

After work: glass of wine 5sp

Water: 8 cups
Weekly pts: 0
fit points earned: 58+16=74
Fit points used: 74-8=66
Exercise: just on my feet at work
Steps: 15,358

1 comment:

MaryFran said...

A full fridge of healthy foods is a good thing! You can see how busy you were!