Saturday, August 27, 2016

Last chance workout

Since tomorrow is weigh in day and I'm working tomorrow I really wanted to get a good workout today!

Ended up walking to the library to take a book back for a 1 hour walk.

Also went on a 45 minute bike ride!

So whether or not I have a loss tomorrow I am very happy with my week. My food choices were bang on and I workout out a lot. We'll see.

Breakfast: peach almond breakfast parfait and a ff cafe au lait! Simply Filling +1sp I used this recipe but left out the ginger today! Just for you Karen :)

Lunch: veggies, simply free black forest ham, plain Greek yogurt, frozen wild blueberries and a pinch of sweetener Simply Filling

Dinner: Rainbow trout, rice and roasted broccoli and a plum for dessert Simply Filling

Other: ff cream for coffee, one of these frozen bars after the hot bike, banana 4sp

Water: 8 cups
Steps: 14,871
Fit points earned: 15
Fit points balance: 91
Exercise: 1 hour walk, 45 minute bike ride

Fitbit stats

Friday, August 26, 2016

Much better today

Remember yesterday I had the pulled muscles or whatever it was? Well today I woke up and it was gone thank goodness.

Had to do a major grocery haul this morning. It's good to have the fridge full again.

Fellow Canadians I found a couple of sweet items today:

Blue menu peanut butter fudge smoothie bars 4sp

Thin bun which is 100 calories and I consider SF otherwise it's 3sp

Breakfast: 2 eggs, slice of toast with Smucker's sugar free spread and a light yogurt Simply Filling +0sp

Lunch: Raw veggies, plum, tuna salad made with Kraft ff whipped mayo and a smoothie bar Simply Filling +4sp

Dinner: veggie burger on a thin bun with ff cheese slice, lettuce, tomato, 1 tsp relish, low sugar ketchup, grapes and light yogurt Simply Filling

Other: ff cream for coffee

Water: 8 cups
Steps: 10,267
Exercise: Went on a 30 minute walk in the heat of the day!
Fit points earned: 11
Fit points balance: 76

Fitbit stats:

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Visiting my favorite little guy

Woke up this morning and I don't know how but it feels like I've pulled a muscle at the top of my leg/groin area. Very painful to get up after sitting. Does feel better as I walk around but getting my 10,000 steps in today was a challenge for sure.

My daughter had to go to the dentist today so of course I offered to babysit <3 yes I know I'm stubborn and while it may hurt I can still do things.

I also got some walking done getting there and back!

It's always a pleasure to babysit Lucas he is such a good boy and always happy! Even though he has the sniffles he's still happy.
Came home and there's a severe thunderstorm warning! We did get lots of rain which we needed!

Breakfast: oatmeal pancakes with banana, 1/2 Tbsp Kraft light peanut butter 1sp and sf syrup Simply Filling +1sp 

Lunch: Ham and ff cheese sandwich, watermelon and home made coleslaw. Also a light yogurt which I forgot to put in the picture ;) Simply Filling

Dinner: whole wheat spaghetti with meat sauce. I used this recipe but added ground extra lean beef instead of the meatballs Simply Filling +1sp for the parmesan cheese

Other: ff cream for coffee

water: 8 cups which I had to force myself to drink today! No idea why it's harder on some days
steps: 10,043
fit points earned:10
fit points balance: 64
Exercise: walking to and from Jen's 40 minutes

Fitbit stats

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Shaking things up!

I know that if you're not a blogger it can be hard following them so today I made a Facebook group with the same name!

One day at a time with weight watchers

Let me know if you want to join in!

Today I had to go to the dentist to get a cavity filled. First one I've had in years. She really frozen me up so I skipped eating when I got home.

I walked there and back to get my steps in!

Breakfast: egg McSuzi, watermelon and light yogurt Simply Filling

Lunch: after the dentist and still frozen I had 2 light yogurts Simply Filling

Dinner: lean steak, salad with ff Italian dressing, baked potato with 2 tsp of light butter 2sp and home made coleslaw simply filling +2sp

Other: ff cream for coffee

water: 9 cups
steps: 10,733 so far
fitpoints earned: 11
fitpoints balance: 54
Exercise: went on a 60 minute walk

fitbit stats

Follow me on Facebook!

Just thought it might be easier for some people to follow a facebook group than a blog so I started one!

I will still be posting here and on my recipe blog but you can also choose join my new group!

One day at a time with weight watchers

See you there!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tired today

I didn't get as much sleep last night as I usually do and I definitely feel it!

It didn't affect how much I accomplished today but I was definitely feeling tired all day. Hope I sleep better tonight.

Went for a beautiful walk this morning. Walked for 65 minutes.

Also went on a bike ride before dinner!

Breakfast: 2 egg omelet, slice of ff cheese, polenta and peppers sauteed in olive oil and a peach Simply Filling

Lunch: Corn tortilla with veggies, black beans, light cheese 1sp and salsa, watermelon and light yogurt Simply Filling +1sp

Dinner: pork loin chop, roasted potatoes, sauteed apple and cinnamon, salad and ff Italian dressing Simply Filling

Other: ff cream for coffee

So far today.....

Water: 8 cups
Steps: 16,739
Fit points earned: 17
Fit points balance: 43
Exercise: 25 minute bike ride, 65 minutes of walking plus a lot of short walks :)

Fitbit stats:

Monday, August 22, 2016


Such an original title :)

Another regular workday. The weather is finally beginning to cool down, I can't wait to go on a walk tomorrow. I'm giving my legs a bit of a break but still getting over 10,000 steps in at work.

I always say find out what works best for you. Well I've finally figured out that on days I work the afternoon shift I have a late breakfast which is very filling and then at work my break is early so I have an early dinner. Works out great and I'm not tempted by doughnuts.

Brunch: Brownie waffle with 12 grams of walnuts and sugar free syrup Simply Filling +2sp

At work: Chicken drumsticks 4sp, raw veggies, grapes and light yogurt Simply Filling +4sp

Other: ff cream for coffee

Water: 8 cups
Steps: 13,035
Fitpoints earned: 13
Fit points balance: 26

Fitbit stats:

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Weekly weigh in!

Well today's my weekly weigh in and I lost -3.3!! I'm very happy with that. I worked hard last week so I'm glad the hard work paid off.

I used 26 of my 28 points
I used none of my 110 fit points
I exercised every day.

Now on to another good week!

Brunch: mini frittata with sweet potato, peppers, 1 breakfast sausage 1sp, blue cheese 2sp, 1 egg and 2 egg whites. Next time I'll use regular potato and cheddar cheese :) Simply Filling +3sp

At work: shrimp, whole wheat noodles, ff Italian dressing,veggies, light parmesan cheese 1sp, home made coleslaw, watermelon and light yogurt  Simply Filling

Other: fat free cream for coffee

Water: 8 cups
Steps: 12,098
Fit points earned: 12
Fit points balance: 12
Exercise: just work which is on my feet for 8 hours!

Fitbit stats:

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Back to work!

This week and next weeks days that I work are kind of topsy turvy because someone needed me to switch shifts with them.

So I work today, Sunday and Monday!

Since I work at a coffee/donut store the best way to stay on plan is to take my own food and not buy anything there. So that's the plan.

Tomorrow is weigh in day and I think it will be a good one since I've upped my workouts a lot this week.

I slept in a bit today and I definitely needed it!

Brunch: 2 French toast, 1 egg, 2 egg whites scrambled, peach, sugar free syrup and a tomato Simply Filling +0sp

At work: Chicken, watermelon, home made coleslaw and light yogurt Simply Filling

Water: 8 cups
Steps: 12,565
Fit points earned: 13
Fit points balance: 10

I'm updating my phone so I don't have a screen shot of my fitbit stats

Friday, August 19, 2016

Kicking it up a notch!

Wow today was such a busy and active day!

Got up super early so I could ride my bike over to the office that I volunteer with.

Then got on a bus with the walking group to go to for a ride to a lovely walking trail. Walked on the trail for 6 km then back on the bus to the office and I rode my bike home!!

Altogether I walked for over 80 minutes and rode my bike for 65 minutes. Whew

Got home took a quick shower, because believe you me I was sweaty, and made a quick lunch before relaxing for a bit till it was time to babysit Lucas. He get's bigger every time I see him and I see him!

This time he made me share my spaghetti :)  He also loves avocado
When Lucas went to bed the rest of us relaxed!

Breakfast: Something nice and filling to keep me satisfied till lunchtime! Peaches and cream oatmeal: 1/2c oats cooked, 1 peach, 1 tbsp fat free cream, 1/4c liquid egg whites that I stir in just when the oatmeal is ready and stir stir stir and it's becomes bigger and creamier plus you have protein! Simply Filling

Lunch: 2 corn tortillas, lettuce, cilantro, light cheese 1sp, salsa, chipotles and black beans, cucumber and tomato and a banana and light yogurt Simply filling + 1sp

Dinner: I took whole wheat pasta and spaghetti sauce, 1 tbsp light parmesan cheese plus grapes not shown with me while I babysat! Simply Filling +1sp

Other: ff cream for coffee

Water: 10 cups
Steps: 19,124
Fit points earned: 20
Fit points balance: 96
Exercise: 80 min walk and 65 min bike ride

Fitbit stats:

Thursday, August 18, 2016

A beautiful day in many ways!

It was a beautiful day today!
Not too hot and a nice breeze so off I went on a walk :)

Also went on the bike ride with Ralph this afternoon.

Oh and I got a new badge from my fitbit!

I made a spaghetti meat sauce and whole wheat pasta so that Ralph could have it for dinner tomorrow and I will take it with me for dinner.

Tomorrow is going to be a crazy day!
First I'm getting up super early so I can meet up with a walking group to take a bus to a trail for a hike! Of course I have to bike to the bus and bike home :)

Then I come home for a while to recuperate then it's off on a bus to Jen's to babysit my favorite little munchkin <3 Jen and Martin are going on a dinner/movie date!

Breakfast: 2 eggs, kale, olive oil, grapefruit, toast with Smuckers sugar free spread Simply Filling

Lunch: raw veggies, extra lean ham, I frozen banana, ezekiel original cereal, 1/2 tbsp light peanut butter 1sp and 8 grams sugar free stevia sweetened chocolate melted 1sp Simply Filling + 2sp

Dinner: Lean steak with mushrooms cooked in olive oil and light soy sauce, Caesar salad with ff Caesar dressing/olive oil/anchovy/garlic :) light parmesan cheese 1sp, real bacon bits 1sp
Dessert: light yogurt, peach and 1 mini ginger snap 1sp
Simply Filling +3sp

Other: fat free cream for coffee

Water: 8 cups
Steps: 15,602
Fit points earned: 16
Fit points bal: 75
Exercise: 60 minutes of biking and a 50 minute walk

Fit bit stats: