Sunday, December 6, 2015

Well I passed that goal!

So the new Weight Watchers program came out today. It basically promotes unprocessed foods, promotes eating protein, veggies, fruits, healthy oils and healthy carbs. Right up my alley!

Anyway they have a new thing called fitpoints for moving more. So after a quick quiz they set mine at 3 fitpoints a day or 18 a week. So far today I've earned 11. Guess I'll set the goal higher next week.

My goal is 30 smart points per day and 28 weekly points. Today I used 30 points and no weeklies and I enjoyed everything :)

Today I walked to and from the library to take some books back. I did laundry, dishes and cleaned the couch. Whew i'm going to sleep well tonight.

Breakfast: 1 egg, 2 egg whites, extra lean ham, spinach, cherry tomatoes, grapefruit, slice of toast with pumpkin butter and cream for coffees 8 smart points

Lunch: flat out with lettuce, peppers and cream cheese, veggies, 2 clementines 3 smart points

Dinner: home made chicken strips with salad, light cheese, 1 tbsp sweet onion dressing, cherries and cherry Greek yogurt 12 smart points

Other: keifer, glass of red wine and one square of extra dark chocolate 7 smart points

Water: 10 cups
Smart Points: 30 used
Weekly points: 28-0=28
Fit points earned: 11 fit points

Fitbit stats:

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