Sunday, December 27, 2015

Getting my walk on!

Wow I really felt it in my legs after yesterdays walk!

Sometimes you just need to get out and do it, which is exactly what I did today :) Drizzly with rain but I managed to do another 50 minute walk.

Sunday December 27, 2015

Breakfast: 1 egg plus 1/3c egg whites scrambled, back bacon, green onion, 1 tsp olive oil, spinach, berries  = Simply Filling

Lunch: coleslaw mix, 1 tsp olive oil, shrimp, 1 tbsp Kikoman stirfry sauce 1sp = Simply Filling + 1sp

Dinner: salad, 2 tbsp ff Italian dressing 1sp, 3 oz chicken, 15g light feta cheese 1sp, 1/2c grapes = Simply Filling + 2sp

Other: fat free keifer, 6 oz red wine 5sp = 5sp

Water: 8 so far

Weekly smart points: 28 - 8 = 20
Fit Points: Daily goal: 9  Weekly goal: 60
Fit Points earned today: 11 so far
Steps: 10,531
Exercise: 50 minute walk
Fitbit stats: so far

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