Monday, December 7, 2015

A good day for a walk!

For most of today I felt tired. I woke up earlier than I usually do and I also did a lot yesterday so it wasn't a big surprise.

 I still went out on a 55 minute walk. Pretty mild for this time of year. The squirrels are loving this mild weather.

Breakfast: brownie waffle with 1 tbsp light peanut butter warmed up, banana and cream for coffees 10 smart points

Lunch: veggies, 2 clementines, extra lean ham, light cheese 4 smart points

Dinner: steamed trout, jasmine rice, broccoli and olive oil 11 smart points

Other: kefir, glass of red wine 5 smart points

Water: 10 cups
Smart points used: 30
Weekly smart points used: 28-0=28
Fit points earned: 9 so far for a total of 21 
Exercise: 55 minute walk
Fitbit stats:

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