Monday, November 9, 2015

Lovely weather!

It was a beautiful day and I went out on a 45 minute walk even though my cat woke me up so early I'm feeling tired.
Hang on little guy :)

He's 16 now and he's just started waking me up at the crack of dawn! Ugh gotta love him :)

There is one good thing about getting up early I definitely get more housework done.

This weeks goals:
1. Do a weight workout either with dumbbells or with bodyweight 0/7 days
2. Drink at least 8 cups of water. Today I really had to work on it. 1 day/7
3. Do some interval walking or speed walking 0/7 days
4. Find 2 things every day to be grateful for 2/7 days

Today I'm grateful for the strength to make healthy choices.
Today I'm grateful for my health

Breakfast: 1 egg, 2 egg whites scrambled, light cheese, beet greens, olive oil and grapefruit 7pp

Lunch: veggies, olives, beets, caramalized onion relish, lean ham, grapes, plain Greek yogurt mixed with pumpkin/pumpkin spice and sweetener 3pp

Dinner: salmon, 1/2c jasmine rice, green beans 8pp

Other: Kefir, organic cream for coffees, banana, glass of wine 9pp

Water: 8 cups I really had to focus to get it in today
Weekly points: 49-1=48
Activity points:4
Exercise: 45 minute walk
Fitbit stats for today:

Weekly fitbit stats:

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