Friday, November 6, 2015

Crazy night at work!

Oh my goodness what a night a work!
First I was working with new staff and it was crazy busy so I was doing a lot of running around and getting nothing done!
Then I had customers fighting over a table. It was nuts neither customer would back down. I had to break them apart and threaten to call the police! Give me a break. I finally asked which one wanted to act like an adult and sit at another table. One customer finally back down and when I was walking away from them the other customers cheered me :) Did I mention that one of the customers was 95?

This weeks goals:
1. Track everything, don't leave anything out 6 days out of 7 days so far
2. Drink at least 8 cups of water daily 6 out of 7 days so far
3. Stick to my housecleaning schedule! Indeed I did
4. Stay off of the scale until Sunday I didn't touch it today but I will have to step on it Saturday for a challenge I'm in. I'll still call it a win :)

Breakfast: 1 egg, 2 egg whites, lean ham, onion, cherry tomatoes and berries 5pp

Lunch: salad, tuna salad, dressing, banana and a tbsp natural almond butter not shown 9pp

Dinner: veggies, 2 olives, lean beef, light cheese, apple and plain Greek yogurt 4pp

Other: kefir,4 grapes, organic cream for coffee and a glass of wine after work 8pp

Water: 8 cups
Weekly points: 44-0=44
Activity points: 27 + 7=34
Exercise: just grocery shopping and working on my feet for 8 hours
Fitbit stats for today:

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