Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A very sad day

I was very sad to find out that a co-worker lost her 17 year old brother in a tragic accident last night that also took another life and left another young man in critical condition.

So I went into work tonight to cover for my co-worker.

Went on a 45 minute walk this morning. Walking in the woods helps me to come to terms with things.

This weeks goals:
1. Track everything, don't leave anything out 4 days/7
2. Drink at least 8 cups of water everyday 4 days/7
3. Stick to my housecleaning schedule 4 days/7
4. Stay off of the scale until Sunday! haven't even looked at it :)

Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled, cheese, grapefruit 6pp

Lunch: We were invited to a Chinese buffet for both the hubs and my birthday. Made wise choices and it was approximately 9pp

Dinner: I wasn't hungry until I got home from work 8:30 tonight! Just grabbed some chicken, dip, cherry tomatoes and pomegranate 3pp

Other: kefir, glass of wine, organic cream for coffees 8pp

water: 9 cups
weekly points: 44-0=44
activity points: 20+7=27
exercise:45 minute walk and work
fitbit stats for today:

1 comment:

Sean Anderson said...

I'm so sorry about your coworkers loss. I can't even imagine.
Suzanne--wow--your food and continued commitment to honoring the plan in harmony with your goals, is incredible. Love the pics! Take care.