Sunday, October 25, 2015

There is no can't!

I was thinking about this at work last night when I chose to not indulge in any pizza. I was thinking to myself is it that I can't have pizza or that I don't have pizza? The more I thought about it I decided that it wasn't either it was I choose to not have pizza today. Another day I may decide to but for today I choose not to have any. Thinking this way doesn't make me feel deprived in fact it's the opposite it gives me power!!

Today Ralph and I biked to the mall and back. A 48 minute ride. It was pretty cold but not too bad :)

This week my goals are:

1. Track everything don't leave anything out: 1 day/7
2. Drink a minimum of 8 cups of water: 1 day/7
3. Workout 4 days: 1 day/7
4. Blog every day even if it's just a quick update: 1 day/7

Breakfast: Baked berry oatmeal, coffee with organic cream 7pp

Lunch: extra lean ham, avocado, beets, veggies, and the cutest list petit pot of plain yogurt 5pp

Dinner: beef stew 7pp

Other: organic kefir, home made chicken broth, extra organic cream for coffees, glass of red wine 7pp

Water: 8 cups so far
Weekly points: 49-0=49
Activity points: 7
Steps: 7.245
Exercise: 48 minute bike ride

Fitbit stats:

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