Friday, October 30, 2015

Healthy habits

When I went to work today a wonderful co-worker brought in this amazing cake. It sat in front of me while I ate the food I brought from home :) Not one taste was taken!

Healthy habits don't happen overnight and sometimes it takes a while to make it a habit. It's really empowering once you have the habit in place and you know longer have to think about doing it as it's automatic.

I work in a coffee/donut shop and the habits that have helped me the most are:

1. Take my own food for dinner
2. Don't eat anything from work. Not even a Timbit as it will set of cravings for more.
3. Take a big bottle of water and then I'm not tempted by hot chocolate or french vanilla
4. Running around a lot adds activity points to my week :)

What habits are you working on?

This week my goals are:
  • 1. Track everything don't leave anything out: 5 days/7
  • 2. Drink a minimum of 8 cups of water: 5 days/7
  • 3. Workout 4 days: 3 days/7
  • 4. Blog every day even if it's just a quick update: 5 days/7

Breakfast: 1 egg/2 egg whites scrambled, spinach, cheese, 1 tsp butter and grapefruit 5pp

Lunch: veggies, smoked salmon, beets, sauerkraut, banana and 1 tbsp natural almond butter 5pp

At work: Wendy's style chili, plain Greek yogurt 8pp took picture before I put in my thermos

Other: kefir, organic cream for coffee, glass of wine after work 8pp

If my numbers for activity points are different the next day it's because I post at dinner time and sometimes earn more before the end of the day.

water: 8 cups
weekly points: 43-0=43
Activity points: 28+3=31
steps: 9,176
exercise: just working on my feet for 8 hours
fitbit stats:

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Anonymous said...

Your meals always look so good! I think I could have resisted that cake, not so tempted by the garish artificial colors :) I think it's amazing that you work at a bakery and are ok with being surrounded by all these amazing treats! :) I like what you say about the habits, the same is true for me too. Going for walks every day is becoming a habit for me, the resistance to moving my body has gone down and I am even enjoying the walking. I am also logging my food consistently and have been doing this for more than four months, I don't really think about it anymore, just grab my phone and put it in, done. xo