Sunday, September 6, 2015

Weigh in day!

Today didn't go as I had planned but it still turned into a great day :)

First within 5 minutes of waking up the phone rang and they needed me to come into work. Well o.k! I just needed coffee and breakfast and off I went.  Luckily it was just for 3 hours.

By the time I came home it was so hot I didn't think it would be safe to do the couch to 5K today. I will do it tomorrow in the morning.

So today was weigh in day and luckily I didn't forget to get on the scale before I went to work.

This week:
I used 7 of my 49 weekly pts
I earned 43 activity points and didn't use any of them.
I lost -1.2 lbs
In the last 4 weeks I lost:
1. -3.9 lbs
2. -1.0 lbs
3. -2.1 lbs
4. -1.2 lbs
I'm very happy with how my body is responding to my clean eating.

In case anyone doesn't think I have temptation I work in a coffee/donut shop and today they had a new donut called an apple pie donut. An apple donut filled with apple filling and topped with a graham crumbs. Nope didn't try any. Did sell a lot though :)

Sarah's video for today!

Breakfast: baked peach walnut oatmeal which is based on this basic recipe but I added a chopped peach, vanilla, walnuts and cinnamon 6pp

Lunch: Veggies, wild smoked sockeye salmon, swiss chard sauteed with butter, onions and garlic, sugar free rhubarb 2pp

Dinner: Pork tenderloin, warm cherry sauce made by warming frozen black cherries with a pinch of stevia and thickening with some tapioca flour which is like cornstarch mixed with water, salad and home made Caesar salad dressing 8pp

Other: xyla for sweetener, organic cream, plain kefir 2 tbsp and a glass of dry wine 9pp


Mrs. O said...

Those are some great losses for 4 weeks! I also find that I lose a lot easier when I eat clean. Working in a place where there are constant sweets can be hard but I've learned if I don't have a taste I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything. (I work in a daycare and there are birthdays every month, sometimes more than one in a month, and there's always a big sheet cake and ice cream. I never have any.)

Suzanne said...

I know what you mean! I work in a coffee/donut shop!

Joan said...

Great results.

Kerstin said...

Well done on the loss and the last four weeks, this is great! And I love all the foods you eat, everything looks yummy and so appetizing! I did not know that you work in a donut/coffeeshop! I am not a huge donut fan but would still find it tempting to be surrounded by sweet stuff all the time. Good for you to manage this so well :) xo