Saturday, September 5, 2015

Going to be doing a lot of running around today

I'm going to be short handed at work today which usually means I'll have a lot of running around to do. That's o.k burn some calories :) It's weigh in day tomorrow so I'm sure that will help.

Sarah's video for today!

Breakfast: Sauteed cauliflower, oil, 2 eggs, grapefruit 6pp

Lunch: thick slice of tomato with goat cheese and wild smoked sockeye salmon, sweet potato chips with stevia and Saigon cinnamon, cup of organic green tea 7pp

At work: tuna salad, coleslaw, veggies, peach, walnuts 9pp

Other: xyla a sweetener I use, organic cream for coffees 4pp


Joan said...

I'm a bit younger than you but I still haven't learned to stay on track with healthy food. Part of it is I don't like healthy food and some I just can't stomach. I ate healthier when I was losing weight and reached my goal. I gain and lose 5-10 lbs. from slipping back to eating junk. Yes it catches up to you because I'm diabetic and have diverticulitis which causes me extreme pain. I'm currently trying to get back out of junk hell. You would think with all the pain I get I would once and for all smarten up. What I have done is to give up pepsi and chocolate and heavy sugar products. Still eating a few things with less than 5 grams of sugar. I'm eating more veggies and small amounts of fruit. I'm exercising more consistently. Still trucking on and will always keep trying to get it right. Way to go with your running your an inspiration. Thanks so much for doing these blogs they really make me think and I will be making more changes. Is it alright to answer your blogs here because I can't find a answer area on you tube with my iPad?

Suzanne said...

Joan you can comment here anytime! If you want my email is on the left hand side of the blog home page and you can email if you'd like.
I hear you on the sugar. Honestly it gives me such strong cravings and triggers binge eating which is why I'm staying as far away from it as I can get.
I do think your taste buds change over time. I eat things now that I'd never thought I'd touch.
Hope you have a good week!