Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Do you check your portion sizes?

Even though I mainly organic/clean I still weigh/measure to keep my portion sizes correct.
Sure I'm good as estimating but give it a while and I'm pretty sure my pieces of cheese will be larger than 1oz.
I either weigh or measure most things.
What don't I measure?
I don't measure non starchy vegetables, I don't measure fruit unless it's frozen berries.
Everything else is measured.
What do you measure?

Today Ralph and I went on a 35 minute bike ride today and it was so hot I was dripping sweat down my back when we got home!

Breakfast: Baked pumpkin chocolate chip breakfast cookie, plain Greek yogurt I made the cookie differently today using stevia to sweeten it and using stevia sweetened chocolate chips not as sweet and perfect for me. So it was sugar free and gluten free 9pp

Lunch: organic zucchini, organic cheese, anchovies, hot peppers, organic tomatillos and organic fruit 4pp

Dinner: bbq'd beef tenderloin, mushrooms and home made coleslaw 8pp

Other: xyla and organic cream 4pp


Joan said...

When I'm off track I don't measure anything. I don't measure veggies. I weigh or measure everything else. I eat healthier in the winter, summer is more of a challenge because I want ice cream and all sorts of cold but high calorie drinks. Screamers are my favorite a mix of slush and ice cream. I should be screaming at all the sugar and calories.

Mrs. O said...

When I track, I measure and weigh almost everything. The only thing I don't weigh is lettuce; a handful is a cup in my mind and since it's got almost no calories, I don't worry about it not being exact. And I prefer weighing in grams instead of measuring in a cup; I find my portions are more exact that way. BTW, I'm dying to try that breakfast cookie recipe of yours. I may try it this weekend, it looks so good!