Sunday, August 16, 2015

Weigh in day!

This morning I was very curious as to what the scale would show.

Why? Because all week I've been eating no processed foods,  increasing my healthy oils, lots of veggies, I only had wine on Sunday this week and it was a small glass and I've been generally more active. It's not always easy at 54 and in the middle of menopause to see the scale move down.
I also switched mainly to xyla instead of the artificial sweeteners and used organic 10% cream instead of fat free cream for my coffees.

So I jumped on the scale and I'm down -3.9 lbs!! Yay I guess this is going to work :)

Today is another heat/humidity warning so I decided to get out on a walk this morning before it got too hot. Well actually I decided to try my hand at geocashe except that I have no sense of direction and the one I picked was where many kamikaze mosquitoes were laying in wait for me. I had to finally admit defeat after an hour and 25 minutes but I will return when the mosquitoes are gone :) Maybe I'll just try one easier to find?

These are my stats so far today!

Breakfast: 1egg, 3 egg whites, 1 slice extra lean bacon, kale, oil, leftover zucchini fritter and a peach 7pp

Lunch: salad with 1/2c cantaloupe, 1/4c blueberries, chicken, 1 tbsp lemon vinaigrette and some plain yogurt with cinnamon 6pp

Other: cup of lemon ginger tea :) 0pp

Dinner: Chicken thigh with skin ( I live recklessly), lemon brussels sprouts and a sf apple/cranberry sauce 6pp

Other: Organic cream for coffees, Xyla for coffees, small glass of wine (it's Sunday) and 1 square of Lindt 85% dark chocolate 11pp

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