Saturday, August 15, 2015

Up with the birds!

I have no idea why I was up at 7am since I worked until 10 last night and I usually sleep in a bit the next day. Oh well gave me some extra time to be productive :)

Tomorrow is weigh in day and I'm super excited to see what the scale shows from my different way of eating. I've been very satisfied with it and no hunger which is always a bonus!

Worked again today so nothing else exciting is going on today.

2 videos from Sarah today! Enjoy

Breakfast: Plain Greek yogurt with pumpkin/cinnamon/stevia, avocado with lime juice and chili powder, tomato and beet greens 8pp

Lunch: fish tacos with blueberries 6pp

Taking to work:chicken tenders, almonds, veggies and a peach 8pp
Other: Organic cream and xyla for coffees 4pp

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