Monday, August 10, 2015

Rainy day

I had a meeting to go to this morning and unfortunately where I needed to be is all under construction and I had to walk way out of my way to get to it. Oh well lots of steps!

Coming back the same way in the pouring rain was not so fun. I did however stop at a healthy food store and pick up some amazing eggs. Can't wait to have them :)

Sarah's video for today!

Breakfast:sweet potato hash 1pp, 2 tsp oil 2pp, 1 egg 2pp, 2 egg whites 1pp, tomato 0pp, 3 Tbsp organic 10% cream 2pp, xyla sweetener 1pp = 9pp

Lunch: salad with tomato, peppers, beets, leftover salmon 3pp, 1 Tbsp Bolthouse vinaigrette 0pp 1 tsp olive oil 1pp = 4pp

Dinner: rainbow trout 4pp, steamed cauliflower, cucumber, grilled peach with cinnamon and 1/2 tsp local wildflower honey 1pp, 1 tsp oil 1pp leftover sweet potato hashbrowns 1pp = 7pp

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