Sunday, August 9, 2015

Change is my middle name!

I've slowly been trying to eat less processed foods and I feel better because of it.

I've decided this way to take it one step further and my plan is for this week to really focus on not eating processed foods and to count points while doing it.

Should be interesting!

I started today and I used my daily allowance of 26pp and I was very happy with my choices.

I woke up late as I had nothing planned for today. I had a great sleep.

Because I woke up late and it was almost lunch time I decided to spend a few extra points on breakfast.

2 farm fresh flax fed free range eggs 4pp, 1 slice of farmers market extra lean bacon 2pp, beet greens/kale/onion cooked in 1 tsp oil 1pp and used 1 tbsp organic 10% cream for coffee 2pp = 8pp

I drank water and unsweetened green tea.

I was a little hungry partway through the afternoon so I grabbed some plain Greek yogurt 2pp, watermelon 0pp, 1 tsp wildflower honey 2pp and 14g raw cashews 2pp = 6pp

Dinner was some grilled salmon 5pp, summer squash 0pp, 2 tsp oil 2pp, beets 0pp tomato 0pp = 7pp

I also had a glass of red wine. I will only be having it on Sunday this week. = 5pp

Total pts used=26pp

Ralph and I also went out on 2 walks today. He's not used to long walks so they were shorter than I usually do.

See you tomorrow!

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