Thursday, August 20, 2015

A light bulb moment

Something interesting for today.
We each know our own bodies once we learn to listen to it. Especially if we're not hooked on sugar/junk. Foods taste so much better now. Foods with no sauce needed. I rarely put salt on anything.

Any way getting back to what I found out this past week.
I'm a number person which is why I still love to keep track and when things happen that don't make sense I like to investigate as to why.

I've been tracking my weight daily for quite a while and the numbers don't bother me. The only one I really rely on is the Sunday morning weigh in.

So last week I'm tracking my weight and I notice something interesting. One day I was up point 1, the next day up point .2 and the next .4. While it doesn't bother me I want to find out why it was doing that especially since I'm on track and working out.

On a piece of paper I decided to track my sodium for the last week. Now I know I'm sodium sensitive and I even have to take a water pill for it. In Canada the number they want you to keep under is 1500mg/day and I don't go over that.

Anyway back to the tracking of my sodium. Each of the days that my weight was up my sodium was either in the 1,300 or 1200 range. When I averaged other days I'm normally in the 700-800 mg range.

So the day after these gains my sodium was 776 and guess what? The next day my weight was down point 7.

Now I know that tracking sodium isn't for everyone but since I have high blood pressure or at least did last time I was at a Dr. I do need to track this as extra fluid is not a great thing for me. And I'm not talking about drinking water which I do a lot of :) Sorry for the ramble but things like this I find interesting. Sometimes you need to take the time and see what works or if it isn't why isn't it?

I did get out on a 35 minute walk although it was threatening to rain any moment.

Sarah's video for today!

Breakfast: Peaches and cream steel cut oats with 1/2 tsp local wildflower honey and cinnamon 7pp

Lunch: sauteed zucchini, patty pan squash, mushrooms, yellow green beans, chicken, olive oil, 2 Tbsp organic sauerkraut and 1 oz organic cheese 6pp

Dinner: salad, with leftover arctic char fish, home made mayo, lemon zest, pepper, tomato, cucumber, and some leftover sugar free apple cranberry squash 7pp

Other: Organic cream and xyla for sweetener 5pp, 2 Tbsp organic plain kefir 0pp


ellen said...

Ww recipes don't give sodium counts. My husband has to check his as well. Good points and true

Suzanne said...

I actually count and go on to see my sodium counts. It's such a problem for quite a few people that I wish ww's had a way to track it.