Thursday, July 30, 2015

What a great day it was!

Today was an amazing day.

 First I made sure to go on a 55 minute walk even though it was really hot. If you click on the flower you might see the bee that was covered in pollen :)

 Then I attempted to set up a new printer/scanner/fax machine which was a lesson in patience :)

 Went out for lunch with Ralph to Carl Jr's and chose a low carb bbq'd chicken breast with tomato in lettuce instead of a bun and a Starbucks unsweetened iced passion tea. Delish and watching the hubs eat a hamburger and fries didn't bother me at all!

 Came home and for dinner I was going to have salmon but it was very expensive so I cooked up some chicken breasts.

 I also made a creamy orange chill by combining a packet of orange grapefruit Crystal light, a tbsp of ff cream, cold water and lots of ice. Hit the spot :)

 Breakfast: 1 egg, 2 egg whites, peppers, onion, baby spinach, olive oil, slice of bread, 1 tsp becel pro active 0pp, grapefruit Simply Filling

 Lunch: low carb chicken breast and tomato in lettuce leaves, unsweetened Starbucks iced passion tea Simply filling

 Dinner: bbq'd chicken breast, salad, light ceasar dressing, 0% vanilla Greek yogurt with apricot, blueberries and raspberries Simmply Filling + 1pp Other: Glass of red wine 5pp

water: 10 cups
exercise: 55 minute walk

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