Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I realized I haven't posted my blog for a while.

I'm doing well. It's just summer and I keep myself busy. Also some days it's just been too hot to want to sit at the computer :)

Today I was working. This morning I did some grocery shopping.

I'm going to start getting a weekly box from a local farmer on Tuesday and I'm excited to see what I'll be getting.

I'm following Simply Filling this week and yes there are a few tweaks I make because I'm in Canada and we just don't have the same choices.

Breakfast: egg white omelet, turkey bacon, and a wendy's frosty! Simply Filling plus 1pp

Lunch: veggies, Breton white bean crackers, avocado with lime juice and chili powder, 0% Greek yogurt and a banana Simply Filling plus 5pp

Creamy iced pink lemonade: packet of crystal light pink lemonade, 1 tbsp ff cream, water, and 8 or more ice cubes all blended in my bullet 0pp

At work: veggies, cheese, turkey, berries and apricots Simply Filling

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