Saturday, July 4, 2015


Not a lot going on today besides going to work and cleaning the bathroom :)

Tomorrow when I'm not working is supposed to be a nice day so I see a long walk and a bike ride in the near future. I love getting on the bike and being able to enjoy a ride.

It's also weigh in day tomorrow so we'll see what the scale says.

Sarah's video for today!

Breakfast: 1/2c egg substitute, baby spinach, onion, olive oil, grapefruit, slice of toast and butter, cream for coffees 7pp

Lunch: Salad, chicken, Kraft calorie wise sweet onion dressing, banana, sugar free pudding with chocolate chips and 1/2 Tbsp old fashioned caramel dip 7pp

At work: flatout with fat free chicken breast, light mayo, lettuce and cheese, veggies, whole wheat melba toast, berries and yogurt 8pp

Other: President's choice frozen kefir smoothie strawberry vanilla 2pp

Water: 8 cups
Weekly pts used: 0
Weekly pts balance: 44
Activity pts earned: 11
Activity pts balance: 63
Steps: 14,183