Thursday, July 16, 2015

Less is more

I haven't been feeling well this week. Not sure what it is but I'm just starting to feel a bit better today.

I belong to quite a few groups some of which are ones with a lot of members and honestly trying to keep up with them is getting harder. I was spending way too much time on the computer. So I've left a few groups but stayed with my favorite ones. Sorry if I've left ones that you are members of but I needed to step back a bit. You can always email me or find me on this blog!

Anyway onto today. Now that I have a little more energy today I needed to catch up with the housework and do some moving. My steps have been really low this week and I need to step it up a couple of notches :)

I also went on a long walk and a bike ride!

Breakfast: 1/2c egg white omelet, 1/2c diced cooked potato and onion, 2 tsp olive oil, Greek yogurt with stevia, orange slices and cream for coffees 8pp

Lunch: flatout, lean ham, light cheese, carrots, tomato, cucumber, plum, lettuce and 1 Tbsp Bolthouse honey dijon dressing 6pp

Dinner: 2 chicken strips, salad, light mayo mixed with buffalo sauce, light cheese and cherries 7pp

Other: glass of wine 5pp

Water: 14 cups yes it's a hot one today!
Steps: 10,245
Weekly pts used: 0
Exercise: 52 minute walk and a 40 minute bike ride

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Dana Coutu said...

Trying your lunch tomorrow ��