Friday, July 31, 2015

I'm on a roll!

Another good day under my belt!

I woke up early enough that I could do my full body workout.

I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things.

And I worked tonight :)

Breakfast: Breakfast parfait Simply Filling plus 1pp

Lunch: Amy's gluten free Indian Aloo Mattar wrap, 2 plums  The wrap is 92% organic so for me it's Simply Filling and delish :)

At work: veggies, cheese, blueberries, Breton white bean crackers Simply Filling + 3pp

Other: Glass of wine after work 5pp

Thursday, July 30, 2015

What a great day it was!

Today was an amazing day.

 First I made sure to go on a 55 minute walk even though it was really hot. If you click on the flower you might see the bee that was covered in pollen :)

 Then I attempted to set up a new printer/scanner/fax machine which was a lesson in patience :)

 Went out for lunch with Ralph to Carl Jr's and chose a low carb bbq'd chicken breast with tomato in lettuce instead of a bun and a Starbucks unsweetened iced passion tea. Delish and watching the hubs eat a hamburger and fries didn't bother me at all!

 Came home and for dinner I was going to have salmon but it was very expensive so I cooked up some chicken breasts.

 I also made a creamy orange chill by combining a packet of orange grapefruit Crystal light, a tbsp of ff cream, cold water and lots of ice. Hit the spot :)

 Breakfast: 1 egg, 2 egg whites, peppers, onion, baby spinach, olive oil, slice of bread, 1 tsp becel pro active 0pp, grapefruit Simply Filling

 Lunch: low carb chicken breast and tomato in lettuce leaves, unsweetened Starbucks iced passion tea Simply filling

 Dinner: bbq'd chicken breast, salad, light ceasar dressing, 0% vanilla Greek yogurt with apricot, blueberries and raspberries Simmply Filling + 1pp Other: Glass of red wine 5pp

water: 10 cups
exercise: 55 minute walk

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I realized I haven't posted my blog for a while.

I'm doing well. It's just summer and I keep myself busy. Also some days it's just been too hot to want to sit at the computer :)

Today I was working. This morning I did some grocery shopping.

I'm going to start getting a weekly box from a local farmer on Tuesday and I'm excited to see what I'll be getting.

I'm following Simply Filling this week and yes there are a few tweaks I make because I'm in Canada and we just don't have the same choices.

Breakfast: egg white omelet, turkey bacon, and a wendy's frosty! Simply Filling plus 1pp

Lunch: veggies, Breton white bean crackers, avocado with lime juice and chili powder, 0% Greek yogurt and a banana Simply Filling plus 5pp

Creamy iced pink lemonade: packet of crystal light pink lemonade, 1 tbsp ff cream, water, and 8 or more ice cubes all blended in my bullet 0pp

At work: veggies, cheese, turkey, berries and apricots Simply Filling

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Staying busy and staying on plan!

Today I knew I had a board meeting where they serve dinner.

My plan was to get lots of activity in which I did :) 48 minute bike ride with Ralph this morning and a 50 minute walk to the meeting.

So I stuck to my 26 daily points. I did have a banana when I got home as it was a very light dinner. I am happy with my choices.

Breakfastchocolate salted caramel oatmeal, cream for coffees 8pp

Lunch: veggies, watermelon, breton black bean crackers, light cream cheese 2 Tbsp 5pp

Dinner: Board of Director meeting: no picture as it's not appropriate during the meeting. salad, maybe 1 Tbsp italian dressing, deli meat, dessert square 8pp

Other: Wine, banana 5pp

Water: 10 cups
Exercise: 48 minutes, 50 minute walk
Steps: 13,711 so far

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Another day another walk!

One of our friends was coming over for the day so I made sure to get my walk done early!

Beautiful day today :)

Breakfast: breakfast wrap, flat out, ham, egg sub, 1 Tbsp light cream cheese, veggies and grapefruit on the side. Cream for coffees. 7pp

LunchSummer salad 6pp

Dinner: hamburger with bun veggies, 1/2 Tbsp light mayo, cantaloupe 8pp

Other: glass of wine 5pp

Sarah's video for today!

Here's another video!

Water: 8 cups
Weekly points used: 0
Steps: 10,540

Monday, July 20, 2015

Good day for a bike ride!

Went for a bike ride with Ralph and while we were out we saw this: neighborhood artist made these amazing murals to put on his fence!

Breakfast: egg whites, peppers and onions, 1 tsp oil, pb banana chocolate chip bowl and cream for coffees 9pp

Lunch: cheesy tuna stuffed portobello mushroom, cantaloupe and blueberries, 1 cup of milk 6pp

Dinner: sweet bbq chicken breast, corn on the cob, small salad with 1 Tbsp dressing 6pp

Other: glass of wine 5pp

Water: 12 cups
Exercise: 45 minute bike ride
Weekly points used: 0

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Heat wave, no power!

Well today was a crazy day.
First I went on a very hot/humid walk for 50 minutes.
Then it rained.
There's a heat warning today.
Our power goes off!!

Lucky we have a bbq so I still had the dinner I'd planned although by that time I wasn't very hungry and only ate 1/2.

Tomorrow will be better :)

BreakfastCherry almond baked French toast, cream for coffees 8pp

Lunch: veggies, light cheese, breton crackers gluten free, 2 plums 5pp

Dinner: rib eye 3 oz, baked potato, 1 tsp butter, canned carrots 8pp I only ate 1/2 of everything!

Other: red wine 5pp

Water: 12 cups so far
Weeklies used: 0
Steps;10,952 so far

Saturday, July 18, 2015


Just going to work today and doing a bit of cleaning before I go :) Nothing exciting!

Oh here's the link to the overnight oats I made this week.

Sarah's video for today!

Here's another video about the dirty dozen from Sarah

Breakfast: egg white omelet, cauliflower hashbrowns, olive oil, back bacon, slice of sprouted bread with a tsp of butter, cream for coffees 9pp

Lunch: ham, light cheese, 2 plums and a cup of skim milk 5pp

At work: veggies, cheese, Breton black bean crackers, Greek yogurt and grapes 9pp

Other: banana

  • Water: 10 cups
  • Weeklies used: 0
  • Steps: 11,336

Friday, July 17, 2015

Back to work

Just grocery shopping and work today.

I also slept in :)

Breakfast: lemon cherry almond overnight oats, ff cream for coffees 8pp

Lunch: stir fried coleslaw mix, stirfry sauce soy sauce, cantaloupe with ham 4pp

At work: veggies, cheddar cheese, grapes and blueberries, Breton black bean crackers, yogurt 9pp

Other: wine 5pp

  • Water: 7 cups
  • Weekly pts used: 0
  • Steps: 14,444

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Less is more

I haven't been feeling well this week. Not sure what it is but I'm just starting to feel a bit better today.

I belong to quite a few groups some of which are ones with a lot of members and honestly trying to keep up with them is getting harder. I was spending way too much time on the computer. So I've left a few groups but stayed with my favorite ones. Sorry if I've left ones that you are members of but I needed to step back a bit. You can always email me or find me on this blog!

Anyway onto today. Now that I have a little more energy today I needed to catch up with the housework and do some moving. My steps have been really low this week and I need to step it up a couple of notches :)

I also went on a long walk and a bike ride!

Breakfast: 1/2c egg white omelet, 1/2c diced cooked potato and onion, 2 tsp olive oil, Greek yogurt with stevia, orange slices and cream for coffees 8pp

Lunch: flatout, lean ham, light cheese, carrots, tomato, cucumber, plum, lettuce and 1 Tbsp Bolthouse honey dijon dressing 6pp

Dinner: 2 chicken strips, salad, light mayo mixed with buffalo sauce, light cheese and cherries 7pp

Other: glass of wine 5pp

Water: 14 cups yes it's a hot one today!
Steps: 10,245
Weekly pts used: 0
Exercise: 52 minute walk and a 40 minute bike ride

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Walking and working

I wasn't going to go out on a walk today as I spend 8 hours at working running on my feet. The problem is that I looked outside at the most beautiful morning sun and couldn't resist :) That plus it's weigh in day tomorrow!

Sarah's video for today!

Breakfast: Giant pumpkin chocolate chip breakfast cookie, yogurt and cream for coffees 8pp

Lunch: 1 egg, 1/3c egg whites omelet, 1 tsp oil, cheese, 1c Nature's path puffed rice and 1/2c Nature's path smart bran, blueberries and raspberries with 1c almond milk 10pp

At work: veggies, extra old cheddar, whole wheat melba toast, cantaloupe 6pp

  • Water: 10 cups
  • Weekly pts used: 0
  • Weekly pts balance: 37
  • Activity pts earned: 9
  • Activity pts balance: 50
  • Steps: 16,783