Monday, June 22, 2015

Lovely day for a walk

I just had to get out on my first walk since getting back from British Columbia. What a beautiful day!

Breakfast: Hungry Girls Black forest oatmeal, fat free cream for coffee Simply Filling + 1pp

Lunch: Another great idea from Hungry girl Fruit n Tuna salad! Can you tell I'm reading one of her cookbooks? Simply Filling + 3pp
At a meeting: Chose shrimp, veggies and strawberries all Simply Filling

Dinner: Roast chicken breast, broccoli, butter, small salad with Bolthouse honey mustard dressing, sugar free cranberry sauce Simply Filling + 2pp

Other: Greek yogurt caramel 3pp

  • Water: 10c
  • Steps: 18,086
  • Exercise: 52 minute walk this morning, 25 minute bike ride this afternoon, 50 minutes walking to and from the meeting

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