Sunday, June 21, 2015

Just another day

I'm missing my Son Alex and his girlfriend Julia already! They are so sweet <3

I slept in this morning so I guess I'm getting back to my usual routine now.

Anyway back to work again today. Hopefully it's another busy day so the shift goes by quickly.

Breakfast: Chocolate raspberry coconut crepes I tweaked a Hungry girl recipe to be simply filling +3pp or 7pp if doing points plus, fat free cream for coffee

Lunch: salad with turkey breast, parmesan cheese, chicken breast, turkey bacon with a Balsamic/olive oil vinaigrette and 9- 34 degree whole grain crisps Simply Filling + 3pp
Since I got up so late I wasn't very hungry before I left for work so I added the chicken to my food to take to work and just ate the crisps and a banana Simply Filling +1pp

At work: whole wheat melba toast, light laughing cow, raw veggies,turkey/ham, yogurt, pineapple and strawberries Simply Filling + 2pp

Water: 10 cups
Steps: 11,959
Exercise: just working

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