Friday, June 26, 2015

Great news!

I had to go back to my vascular surgeon right before vacation for a yearly test to see how my 2 stents and my other arteries are doing since my surgery 6 years ago.

Today I went to see the results. Thankfully he said because of my lifestyle there has been absolutely no change since the surgery and I no longer need to see him!! Totally happy about that!

After that appointment I went to get a new patio set and a new bbq. Took forever to put the bbq together but dinner tonight was well worth all the effort.

Here's Sarah's video for today!

Breakfast: 1 slice of squirrelly bread made into pumpkin french toast with raspberries and sf syrup, fat free cream for coffees 5pp

Lunch: a quick lunch while putting the bbq together. Veggies, blackberries, lettuce wrapped buffalo chicken tenders 2pp

Dinner: 4oz baked potato, broccoli, mushrooms, 1 tsp olive oil, beef tenderloin, 0% plain Greek yogurt 9pp

Other: wine 5pp

Points left for a snack later or more wine!

  • Total points used: 21 so far
  • Water: 8c
  • Steps: 10,166
  • Exercise: just a lot of running around today :)

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