Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Non scale victories for today!

After yesterdays gain on the scale today I was down -1.1 so I'm good with that.

Today I needed to go shopping for a few things to take with me on vacation. Some of it was clothes. Now I have to tell you that shopping for clothes really is not fun for me. I do it and I like clothes but I had the trying things on and off and not liking them etc.

One of the issues I have is that even though my body is not that big my boobs are! So I end up having to get sizes to accommodate the girls which is a larger size than the rest of me. Well today I decided not to take any notice of the size just find some fun clothes that are comfortable and cute. So much nicer than berating myself for what size I need to pick out. It's freeing when you let go of stressful things.

I have the same issue with shoes as I take a very small size but they are very wide. So I go for comfort :)

The other Non Scale Victory for me today was that I had a very filling breakfast and was out and about shopping and didn't stop for lunch! No I never skip meals and no I don't think it's a great idea but I honestly wasn't hungry and I made sure to have a healthy dinner and dessert when I got home.

The only  time I thought of food was when I was waiting for my daughter at a coffee shop and I thought wow I could eat one of their many goodies. Then I stopped those thoughts and really listened to my body and it was only a couple of hours after breakfast and although I could have stuffed in a goodie I wasn't hungry and didn't need one. Wow that is huge for me! Ended up just short by 2pp for the day so all's well.

Sarah has 2 videos today and one is about me! Sweet! Thanks so much I was sitting here smiling away while watching it. It's so nice to know that people read the blog and like it.

Sarah just for you I took this picture!

Breakfast: Chocolate banana almond oatmeal, 5 Tbsp fat free cream for coffees 6pp

Dinner: Roast chicken, roast broccoli, rice, berries and cool whip and a packet of thin addictives  13pp

Other: glass of red wine 5pp

  • Water: 12c
  • Steps: 10,627
  • Exercise: just walking around shopping all afternoon
  • Weekly points; 49-0=49
  • Activity points: 4


Skinnymom said...

I saw you had mentioned this bread at one point, then saw it in Fortinos as I was looking for PB2. ( they didn't have PB2 in Fortinos ) How many points for the bread. My scanner never works and I didn't have time to enter it in the app to check. Thanks!

Suzanne said...

It's a sprouted bread and very filling! Doesn't leave you craving more carbs :)
2pp for 1 slice or 5pp for 2 and well worth everyone.

I'm making something tomorrow for breakfast using it. Stay tuned!

Skinnymom said...

Thanks Suzanne 😎

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and your recipe page.
You have the most awesome recipes and you are such an inspiration to me.
Kim B