Monday, May 4, 2015

If every day was like today....

If every day was like today....I'd be very happy!

First it was trying to rain out today so I decided against going for a walk but the hubs and I did manage to get a sweet bike ride in. We also stopped at the library to take back some books.

It was also a very satisfying food day which definitely helps me to stay on plan.

Here's Sarah's Messy Monday motivation!

Breakfast: egg in a mug: 1/2c egg substitute, peppers and onions, goat cheese 1pp, salsa, yogurt and raspberries and fat free cream for coffees Simply Filling + 1pp

Lunch: edamame/zucchini salad with 1 tbsp Bolthouse balsamic vinaigrette, 2 tsp of olive oil and an iced latte slushie made with 1 pkg of Weight watchers French Vanilla smoothie mix/strong black coffee/2 Tbsp fat free cream and a sweetener Simply Filling

Dinner: cabbage casserole 1pp this is a huge serving!, mini waffle bowl 1pp with 1/2c sherbet 2pp Simply Filling 4pp

Other: banana, glass of red wine 5pp

Water: 9c
Weekly Points: 42-10=32
Activity points earned: 4
Activity points balance: 9
Steps: 5796
Exercise: 45 minute bike ride

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